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Five-Card Stud Poker

All players place a small wager known as an 'ante'. The dealer then deals each player two cards, one dealt face down, known as the 'hole' card and the other face up.

The player with the lowest ranking up-card must place the opening bet.

Each player to the left of the player making the opening bet must in turn either call the opening bet, raise it or fold.

When this round is complete each player is then dealt another card face up followed by a round of betting. This continues until all players have fice cards, one face down and four face up or until only one player remains.

From the third card onwards, the betting is started by the highest poker hand showing.

All players have five cards in their hand, one down and four up.

If there is a showdown, players show all five cards. The winning hand is the highest ranking five card poker hand.

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