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2007 ProRank 2
Worldwide Tournaments with buyin of less than $1,000

Our Poker Player rankings use a very complex algorithm (Paul Samuel) and utilize 3 factors of a tournament.
  1. Percentage of Prizepool won
  2. Length of tournament in days
  3. Relative strength of field based on all money finishers
For strength of field calculation we look back over the past 24 months of results to rate all players. All worldwide tournament results that are submitted to PokerPages that have the required buy-in amount (under $1,000) will qualify for ProRank 2. (Invitational events are not included )
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1Raymond Voskanian9,322
2Kyriacos Dionysiou7,504
3Paul Lui7,420
4Steve Austin6,900
5Nikolay Karman6,820
6Andreas Korger6,678
7Lalit Khajuria6,665
8Lawrence Gosney6,570
9Pete Singleton6,378
10Tony Kendall6,273
11Jan Weir6,265
12Daniel Barnett6,157
13Jorge Pineda5,882
14Priyan Demel5,813
17James Dempsey5,678
18Dave Stann5,650
19Michael Woo5,581
20Eric V. Abate5,448
21Kamaleddin Abdolrahimi5,387
22Jeffrey White5,370
24Chris Hinton5,233
25Eddie Gaines5,178
26Ian Woodley5,128
27John P Trifone5,112
28Philip Sparta5,107
29Andrew Johnson5,100
30Andreas Krause5,045
31Michael Simhai5,040
32Christopher DeMaci5,039
33Alan Myerson4,922
34Joseph Kishak4,918
35Erich Kollmann4,915
36Tobias Reinkemier4,891
37Dave Kim4,847
38Joseph Grech4,841
39James O'Conner4,827
40J Abdin4,771
41Michael McCool4,759
42David Gangler4,759
43Mickey Wernick4,745
44Tom Bodnac4,740
45Massud Hussain4,720
46Marcel Sabag4,715
47Heimo Krainer4,689
48Tae Baik4,654
49Henry Antanesian4,594
50Eric Peters4,565
51Balazs Jablonkai4,553
52Ray Hammer4,501
53James Carroll4,499
 Players 1 to 50 of 19954NEXT

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