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2015 ProRank 1
Worldwide Tournaments with buyin of $1,000 or more

Our Poker Player rankings use a very complex algorithm (Paul Samuel) and utilize 3 factors of a tournament.
  1. Percentage of Prizepool won
  2. Length of tournament in days
  3. Relative strength of field based on all money finishers
For strength of field calculation we look back over the past 24 months of results to rate all players. All worldwide tournament results that are submitted to PokerPages that have the required minimum buy-in amount (at least $1,000) will qualify for ProRank 1. (Invitational events are not included )
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1Steve O'Dwyer17,290
2Scott Seiver12,927
3Roger Sippl12,321
4Richard Yong11,437
5Alexander Trevallion11,343
6Justin Bonomo8,893
7Phil Ivey8,705
8Ole Schemion8,326
9Bryn Kenney7,726
10Tony Gregg7,436
11Byron Kaverman7,107
12Joe Kuether6,606
13Sorel Mizzi6,424
14David Vamplew6,373
15Thomas Marchese6,235
16Mike McDonald6,195
17Tobias Reinkemier6,163
18Nicholas Petrangelo6,162
19Erik Seidel6,151
20Alexander Denisov6,056
21Tom Marchese5,788
22Jason Mercier5,650
23Ilkin Garibli5,427
24Lennart Uphoff5,409
25Dan Stern5,120
26Ramin Hajiyev4,997
27Davidi Kitai4,972
28Jonathan Little4,763
29Jack Salter4,724
30Adrian Mateos Diaz4,717
31Pratyush Buddiga4,635
32Ben Lamb4,533
33Senh Man Ung4,523
34Mustapha Kanit4,492
35Aristomenis Stavropoulos4,412
36Kevin Schulz4,364
37Nicholas Immekus4,353
38Oleksii Khoroshenin4,266
39Matthew Stout4,255
40Christoph Vogelsang4,203
41Dominik Nitsche4,180
42Doug Polk4,052
43Antonio Buonanno3,989
44Jason Mo3,853
45Sam Greenwood3,536
46Andrew Robl3,340
47Stephen Chidwick3,310
48Ognyan Dimov3,269
49Darryll Fish3,263
50Artem Litvinov3,256
 Players 1 to 50 of 2349NEXT

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