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2014 ProRank 1
Worldwide Tournaments with buyin of $1,000 or more

Our Poker Player rankings use a very complex algorithm (Paul Samuel) and utilize 3 factors of a tournament.
  1. Percentage of Prizepool won
  2. Length of tournament in days
  3. Relative strength of field based on all money finishers
For strength of field calculation we look back over the past 24 months of results to rate all players. All worldwide tournament results that are submitted to PokerPages that have the required minimum buy-in amount (at least $1,000) will qualify for ProRank 1. (Invitational events are not included )
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1Fabian Quoss21,601
2Mike McDonald19,865
3Dan Shak15,594
4Phil Ivey14,606
5Vanessa Selbst13,721
6Isaac Haxton10,297
7Yevgeniy Timoshenko10,149
8Ole Schemion9,862
9Jacob Schindler9,810
10Mustapha Kanit8,837
11Martin Jacobsen8,590
12Ami Barer8,035
13Daniel Negreanu7,970
14Dominik Panka7,756
15Jason Mercier7,626
16Scott Seiver7,237
17Matt Glantz7,159
18Daniel Smith6,618
19Antonio Esfandiari6,586
20Andrea Dato6,352
21Greg Merson6,038
22Paul Volpe5,897
23Erik Seidel5,864
24Max Altergott5,747
25Sorel Mizzi5,507
26Doug Polk5,067
27Hakan Demircioglu4,770
28Martin Finger4,699
29Aleksandr Denisov4,661
30Alex Bilokur4,549
31Jeff Madsen4,406
32Zohair Karim4,071
33Keven Stammen4,041
34Tony Gregg3,898
35Fabrice Soulier3,878
36James Carroll3,854
37Mukul Pahuja3,808
38Griffin Benger3,804
39Adrian Mateos Diaz3,750
40Eric Afriat3,693
41Chenxiang Miao3,582
42Patrick Antonius3,552
43Marvin Rettenmaier3,545
44Brian Rast3,437
45Karim Abdelmoumene3,436
46Max Greenwood3,432
47Sam Trickett3,422
48James Calderaro3,414
49Sotirios Koutoupas3,412
50Dermot Blain3,390
 Players 1 to 50 of 4741NEXT

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