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2014 ProRank 2
Worldwide Tournaments with buyin of less than $1,000

Our Poker Player rankings use a very complex algorithm (Paul Samuel) and utilize 3 factors of a tournament.
  1. Percentage of Prizepool won
  2. Length of tournament in days
  3. Relative strength of field based on all money finishers
For strength of field calculation we look back over the past 24 months of results to rate all players. All worldwide tournament results that are submitted to PokerPages that have the required buy-in amount (under $1,000) will qualify for ProRank 2. (Invitational events are not included )
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1Philip Junghuber8,656
2Roger Hairabedian8,381
3Tamer Kamel5,836
4Thorsten Adam5,579
5N N5,425
6Melanie Waits5,380
7Charles Pollard5,010
8Johannes Tiefenbrunner4,814
9Mike Leah4,801
10JeWook Oh4,666
11Gerald Peltola4,485
12Thomas Wagermaier4,442
13Vishal Shyamnarain4,408
14Thomas Enevoldsen4,408
15Anthony Bynum4,359
16Tony Dunst4,226
17Bastien Ziegler4,208
18Tesfay Begazyon4,151
19Joseph Nelligan4,146
20Kevin Mathias4,105
21Andrew Robinson4,100
22Milan Jankovich3,891
23Viatcheslav Ortynskiy3,829
24Norman Steinke3,725
25Adam Labuga3,583
26Joseph Cappello3,563
27Marcel Vanheusden3,518
28John Falzarano3,423
29Carlos Alvarado3,406
30Ronald Bolton3,327
31Mark Bulbulian3,311
32Cory Waaland3,266
33Walter Treccarichi3,265
34Frederic Brunet3,200
35Eun Yul Yee3,077
36Chniyat Hakim3,051
37Gregor Eberharter3,016
38Maurice Hawkins3,004
39Klaus Gortz2,988
40Dave Alfa2,985
41Samedy Kuoch2,914
42Anton Astapau2,855
43Christopher Leong2,854
44Casey Sandretto2,852
45Stuart Crooks2,852
46Marko Mikovic2,812
47Christopher Sandig2,779
48Sergej Sliwko2,767
49Patrick Hogan2,744
50Marcello Miniucchi2,705
 Players 1 to 50 of 14920NEXT

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