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2014 ProRank 2
Worldwide Tournaments with buyin of less than $1,000

Our Poker Player rankings use a very complex algorithm (Paul Samuel) and utilize 3 factors of a tournament.
  1. Percentage of Prizepool won
  2. Length of tournament in days
  3. Relative strength of field based on all money finishers
For strength of field calculation we look back over the past 24 months of results to rate all players. All worldwide tournament results that are submitted to PokerPages that have the required buy-in amount (under $1,000) will qualify for ProRank 2. (Invitational events are not included )
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1Christophe Bidi10,040
2Ivo Donev9,328
3Philip Junghuber9,291
4Roger Hairabedian8,499
5Andre Kessler7,728
6Rainer Rapp7,344
7Gevork Kasabyan6,808
8Safik Najde6,777
9Jurgen Mager6,654
10Riley Fuller6,426
11Dave McCartney6,332
12Matthew Humphrey6,325
13Peter Hohenleitner6,284
14Tamer Kamel6,209
15Je Wook Oh6,018
16Andrew Robinson5,984
17Ruth Graham5,978
18Thorsten Adam5,937
19Melanie Waits5,807
20N N5,675
21Alex Outhred5,605
22John Robinson5,561
23Charles Pollard5,552
24Matthaus Clement5,434
25Aditya Prasetyo5,423
26Rick Sowers5,420
27Jean Zaffran5,391
28Tesfay Begazyon5,376
29Dylan Easley5,366
30Johannes Mueller5,332
31Jonathan Evans5,288
32Ann Maibritt Ehlens5,249
33Roland Hammerer5,232
34Murat Hazir5,227
35Jay Zeman5,209
36Johannes Tiefenbrunner5,176
37Jagdish Tejwani5,174
38John Nethery5,160
39Sharad Mehta5,110
40Johan Brolenius5,089
41Michael Hollenberg5,086
42Victor Dermendjian5,065
43Torn Saechao5,062
44Donald Webb4,968
45Mario Rauter4,963
46Gerd Horburger4,932
47Garrett Labelson4,854
48Gerald Peltola4,799
49Joseph Mckeehen4,781
50Thomas Wagermaier4,755
 Players 1 to 50 of 32633NEXT

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